Bio Pure N300 Water Purification System

Bio Pure Water Purification System is engineered with a high-tech Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) technology, the ONLY solution that can produce perfectly pure water. Lauded as the machine of the future, Bio Pure® N-Series is scientifically proven to effectively remove minute contaminants as small as 0.0001 microns via a 5-step purification process.

Bio Pure® N-Series does more than purify water. It makes water perfect and should be an essential part of everyday life.

Bio Pure® N-Series, your perfect choice for perfect water!

Perfect Choice

  • Uses the 5-stage Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Purification System to produce perfectly pure water (H2O).
  • Dispenses hot, extra hot, cold and ambient temperature water on demand


  • Water Temperature: Normal, Hot, Extra Hot and Cold
  • Reservoir Capacity
    Normal: 10.0L +/-0.2L
    Hot: 3.5L +/-0.2L
    Cold:3.5L+/- 0.2L
  • Reservoir Material
    Normal: ABS Food Grade
    Hot: Insulated Stainless Steel
    Cold: ABS Tank with Stainless Steel Cooling Coil
  • Production Rate: 15.5L per hour
  • Dimension: W260 x D515 x H1320mm
  • Net Weight: 39kg
  • Power Consumption
    650W – 750W

Purification System

Bio Pure 5-Stages R.O. Purification System For Perfect Water – Perfect H2O

Step 1 : Pre-sediment Filter
Eliminates minute particles as small as 5 microns to prolong the lifespan of the filters and membrane

Step 2 : Sediment Filter
Filters particulate contaminants down to 1 micron in size

Step 3 : Organic Granular Activated Carbon Pre-Filter
Removes virtually all organic chemicals

Step 4 : R.O. Membrane
The only type of membrane in the market that removes any remaining contaminants including bacteria, viruses, harmful inorganic contaminants, heavy metals and drugs down to 0.0001 micron in size

Step 5 : Organic Granular Activated Carbon Post-Filter
Post-Filter Deodorizes and “polishes” the water to improve its taste


  1. Constant Water Pressure Control – built in water pressure pump
  2. Advance Auto Flush and Rinse System – prevent secondary contamination and prolong lifespan of RO Membrane Filters
  3. Air-tight and Food-grade Water Reservoir – Food grade material and air-tight cover prevents contaminants from entering
  4. ‘Intelligent’ Water Level Control Technology – automatically maintain water level to prevent overflow
  5. Child-Lock Safety System – Protect safety of your children
  6. Smart Temperature Control System – inder for hot and cold beverages (for selected models)
  7. Clear LED Indicator – Displays status mode at a glance
  8. One-touch convenience – simple and easy to use

New Features

  1. Xtra hot water selection – the convenience of increasing the hot water temperature at anytime.
  2. No Feed water alert – system stops purifying water when it detects no incoming water thus prevents wear and tear on the pump motor.
  3. Improved dispensing height – easily allows water bottles, jugs and kettle to be placed up right.
  4. 100 GPD RO Membrane – allows 2x faster purification process to enable faster refelling of water tank.
  5. 17L water capacity – suitable for both commercial or large family use.


  1. Great Tasting Water – odour-free water that tastes great for everyone
  2. Superb Value – only a few cents per litre

Bio Pure N300


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