Elysyle Essentiel Skincare

Daily Skin Care Solution

Simple Steps for Great Skin (For normal + combination and oily skin)


Gentle formulation to achieve clean, fresh & supple skin:

Intense Moisturising Ability – DMHA (Deep Moist Hyaluronic Acid)
With 2x humectant power and higher water retention ability compared to ordinary hyaluronic acid, it can penetrate deeper into the skin to replenish and retain moisture for healthy and supple skin.

Antioxidant Protection – IVC (Integrative Vitamin C) – Ascorbyl Glucoside
With 100x higher penetration rate into the dermis compared to normal vitamin C, it effectively:

  • Enhances skin radiance by increasing collagen synthesis.
  • Reduces melanin synthesis.
  • Prevents skin oxidation caused by free radicals that are generated by UV rays.

Clarifies – Salicylic Acid
Gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells and clear clogged pores. Contains oil control action to regulate sebum production and has an anti-shine effect. It also has anti-bacterial properties to prevent skin inflammation.

Calms & Soothes – LVD (Lavender Extract from France)
Has antiseptic properties to stimulate the skin’s healing process as well as a calming and soothing effect to prevent skin irritation.


1. Cleanse
Pure Cleanser
Fine-textured cleansing foam that effectively cleanses and freshens up skin.

2. Tone
Pure Toning Lotion
An efficient all-purpose toner that promotes radiance and softness as well as bring back balance to the skin.

3. Moisturise
Pure Emulsion
Replenishes and retains moisture as well as reduces shine for soft, healthy and matte-looking skin.

4. Pure Crème
A moisturising crème that calms the skin from daily stress and renews skin cells at night.


Elysyle Essentiel Skincare Set