El Marino Yang

In collaboration with scientific experts, EL MARINO YANG™ has decoded the ability to regenerate cells derived from the stem cell of a pomegranate flower, resulting in the revolutionary formulation called V-CENTA™. With EL MARINO YANG™, skin becomes firmer, radiant & returns to its youthful state.

6-in-1 Solution to Regenerate Your Skin Cells from Within.


  1. Stem Cell Renewal
    Regenerate new skin cells for cellular repair.
  2. Stem cell protection
    Protects stem cells by increasing the capacity for stem cell differentiation and the colony-forming efficacy for repairing damaged tissues.
  3. Firming
    Accelerate the synthesis of new collagen & elastin for firmer skin.
  4. Whitening
    Inhibit melanin synthesis to help prevent pigmentation and keep skin looking luminous.
  5. Moisturising
    Increase the skin’s ability to retain water and leaves skin dewy and radiant.
  6. Elasticity
    Collactive™ contains the same ratio as the human skin dermis: 94% collagen & 6% elastin, effectively increasing skin elasticity for bouncier skin.


Contains Pomegranate Flower Stem Cell Extract and Pomegranate Fruit Extract. Aided by the patented ADS® Nano Delivery System, it’s encapsulated with amino phospholipid coating in order to prevent the destruction of the active ingredients in the stomach’s highly acidic environment to safely transport the active ingredients to penetrate the membrane of a skin cell.

Red Orange Complex – R.O.C®
Contains standardised Red Orange Complex extracted from Sicilian Blood Red Orange. The standardisation process increases the efficacy of the active ingredients by 3 times as compared to the normal Red Orange Extract.

The special blend of hydrolysed Marine Collagen and Elastin peptides is an excellent source of protein. The ratio of collagen at 94% and elastin at 6% is the same ratio as our skin dermis, which ensures its affinity to our skin. It also has a high absorption rate and is resistant to high temperatures and acidic environments.


Dissolve 1 sachet of El Marino Yang into 75ml water and stir. Consume once or twice daily.


  • 20 Sachets/Box
  • 40 Sachets/Box

El Marino Yang
20 & 40 Sachets/ Box

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Health & Wellness Brand Award 2018 – Healthy Aging


Pomegranate Plantation in Spain


Stringent Production Process


Assurance of Marine Biodiversity


HALAL certified by JAKIM