At Elken, we believe beauty starts from within and that every woman should embrace her unique beauty.

The ELYSYLE beauty products, from revolutionary body-shaping lingerie to premium expert skincare and advanced nutricosmetics – reveal and enhance a woman’s natural beauty, making her look her best and feel her most confident.

Merging the finest in Asian and Western science & expertise, we create high-performance products that deliver quality and visible results for women around the world.

ELYSYLE is designed to meet the beauty desires of every woman, whatever her age or needs.


El Marino Yang

In collaboration with scientific experts, EL MARINO YANG™ has decoded the ability to regenerate cells derived…



Sensualite is a revolutionary meal replacement programme with 3 technologies that help to reduce…


LD Venus Gold

Women can experience easier transition in their different stages of life by naturally regulating and balancing…

Elysyle AAR group

Elysyle Advanced Age Recovery

Daily exposure to pollution is rapidly ageing your skin. Boost your skin’s defensive power against the effects of…


DX Verve

Why do some outfits look good on others but not on ourselves? You can blame it on genes, regular suppers or even…



Experience the true expression of beauty and allure with Elysyle’s 360° Body Perfection. With its delicate French lace…


Elysyle Arm Shaper

Combining luxurious textures with functional style and revolutionary technology, this arm shaper…

Contouring pant

Elysyle Contouring Pants

Achieve long and lean legs. Elysyle Contouring pants helps you fight your problems like wide pelvic…


Elysyle UPII

UPII skincare series contains Genesteine-S to stop ageing at its souce – the DNA. Genesteine-S has been efficaciously…


Elysyle Derma Hydra

Derma Hydra is an easy-to-use 3-step approach that is specially designed to deliver optimum, lasting hydration…


Elysyle Lingerie Wash

Created especially for you, the new Elysyle Lingerie Wash has a neutral pH level that is gentle on your lingerie…